Chat Control

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We created this tool to support the protest against the EU initiative to scan indiscriminately all private and public communication of citizens online. This Chat Control bill (Regulation to prevent and combat child sexual abuse online 2022/0155 (COD)) has led to many different campaigns in Europe which try to organize citizens in protests against this direct attack on encryption and other foundations of our online world.


Integrate the campaign in your Website

NOTE: To be able to integrate DearMEP on your site, it is necessary to whitelist the URL of your site on the DearMEP server. Feel free to contact if you would like to add DearMEP to your site.

Simple integration:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css"/>
<dear-mep host=""/></dear-mep>
<script src=""></script>
  1. Include the CSS
  2. Create the dear-mep Element with Parameters
  3. Include the dear-mep JS

Parameters for dear-mep Element

hostThe URL of the DearMEP-Server. This attribute is required!
apiThe URL of the dear-mep API-Server. This attribute is used if the API-Server is hosted separately from the server that provides hosts static assets.
assetsThe URL of the Assets-Server. This attribute is used if the static assets are hosted separately from the API-Server.
default‑countryIf the user has not (yet) selected a country and the server cannot determine the country (because a VPN or TOR is used for example), this country will be used as fallback. It makes sense for a german campaign to use “DE” for example. Use two-letter country codes according to ISO 639-1 Alpha-2 (“DE”, “AT”, …).
disable‑callingIf this attribute is present the calling functionality is hidden.
disable‑schedulingIf this attribute is present the schedule-call functionality is hidden. NOTE: This functionality is not yet supported and thus this parameter has no effect. The scheduling functionality will be enabled in the future if this attribute is not present.

Integration with optional parameters:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css"/>
<script src=""></script>