This is a project of the digital rights NGO We have a history of novel campaigning tools. In 2013 we launched and sent faxes to the printers of Members of the European Parliament in order to convince the EU to adopt strong Net Neutrality legsilation . In 2019, we launched the campaign against uploadfilters in the EU Copyright Directive which connected citizens via telephone to their elected representatives. In 2022 the Chat Control proposal prompted us to reactivate this idea and rewrite the tool from scatch. This “Chat Control” proposal undermines privacy, encryption and does irreparable harm to our online world.

A huge thanks goes out to our team:

Those developers might be available to help other NGOs to implement DearMEP for their own campaign, but any developer should be able to do so with the free and open source code we will make available on Github once the Chat Control proposal is decided.

The DearMEP project was funded out of’ core. We didn’t ask anyone for permission to develop this tool. We trust the community will determine its value and allow us to continue what we do. As a non-profit we live of donations and our supporting members .